My wisdom tooth extraction!


So a week ago, I decided to have a wisdom tooth removed. The flesh that was growing around it had gotten infected and was very painful a few days prior to the surgery, and I had difficulty closing my jaws or chewing. I was obviously very annoyed because despite having all four of my wisdom teeth ‘impacted’, it was only the lower left one that was giving me problems.

After popping countless painkillers and even going to the government polyclinic hoping to get an appointment (which never happened because the clinic was full of people and after waiting for nearly two hours, I gave up and left) with the hospital to get the tooth removed, I decided I’ve had enough. Six years of suffering was enough. I’ve had enough of this stupid tooth that was always making me sick, cringe in pain or making me suffer.


I walked in to a private dental clinic to get it checked out, which was when I found out that my tooth was in fact, decaying. My first expression was shock, because I am quite anal about oral cleanliness (well, uhm..) and I would have never expected it to get decayed. The smell was disgusting too, and I was honestly feeling very embarrassed. The dentist said that the best solution was to get it removed, and she could do it on the spot since she wasn’t seeing any patients after me.

I immediately said yes, and everything else was a history. I was nervous throughout the surgery, but after the whole ordeal was over, I was relieved that my problematic wisdom tooth was gone!

Never mind that I felt like dying when the local anaesthetic started to wear off.

Never mind that I couldn’t eat properly for a week.

Never mind that I couldn’t move my mouth properly.

One week of pain and suffering was worth it for a lifetime of freedom! Haha!

I just had my stitches removed this morning, and although I am experiencing some discomfort and my jaw feels sore, I think this is one of the best decisions I’ve made in life, and I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner.

Adios wisdom tooth. RIP in wisdom tooth hell, where you truly belong. _|_


If you are thinking of removing your wisdom tooth and you are in Singapore, you could consider the dental clinic that I had mine removed. Details as follows:

Q&M Dental Surgery (Bukit Batok Central)

634 Bukit Batok Central


Singapore 650634

  • You can use medisave to pay for your wisdom tooth surgery/extraction in full, provided you have a minimum of $2,000.00 in your medisave account. For more details, do contact the clinic.

(Disclaimer: This article is not an advertisement/advertorial. I am sharing this information because I honestly feel that the clinic’s services are good, fast and efficient.)

Some pictures from Melaka

Here are two more pictures from Melaka, which I took with my phone’s camera.

Claypot Laksa

This is the Claypot Laksa from Calanthe Art Cafe, located along Jalan Hang Kasturi. A little tricky to find, but you will not miss its leafy-green frontier with plants crawling up the roof. This cafe serves specialty coffees from all the 13 states of Malaysia, and I had the Pahang coffee, in honour of my roots.

Melaka A'Famosa Chicken Rice

There are several shops in Jonker that sell chicken rice with the A’Famosa brand, and I am not sure whether they are franchised under a common name, or totally different from each other, although they do serve the same dishes. This particular shop that I went to is at the entry part of Jonker Walk, towards your left. Another unique thing about the Chicken Rice shops in Melaka is that they serve this thing called the ‘rice ball’, and while it was interesting, I wasn’t crazy about it. You could give it a try if you are curious. And yup, that splosh of chilli sauce was made by clumsy me.🙂

Trip to Melaka

My first blog post this year! Obviously I have been sorely lagging behind updates, and I really ought to buck up and update more!

Ever since I joined Instagram in 2013, my blog updates have become something of the past, mainly because it is so much easier to go on an app on your phone, upload a picture (heavily edited, no doubt), write a short description, hit the ‘post’ button, and voila! It reaches your friends, and to a greater extent, the fascinating and narcissistic pictorial world of Instagram; job done!

But even then, I feel that nothing beats a good quality write-up that has been well thought out and articulated in your own words. Hence, every now and then, I am drawn back to this space of mine where I can post a bundle of pictures and ramble about them for a bit. In that same vein, here I am again, to post pictures from a recent trip to Melaka in Malaysia!

Okay honestly, Melaka is no big deal, because the only place of interest there is, is Jonker Street/Walk, and the forts, churches and museums that surround it. But now that I am somewhat matured (keyword: somewhat), and taken some real interest in photography, I see things in a different light, compared to years ago when I visited and thought nothing much of my trip.

I took a shitload of pictures, mostly from my handphone, and edited them to death on VSCO app (feel free to browse my instagram), but realized that nothing captures a moment more beautifully than a decent camera…an actual camera! And that is what I have been missing out on all this while.. my beloved Thespian, who had been banished to an unknown corner of the house, all alone and sad. He was of course, very happy to go on another trip me after a freaking long time, and these are the things my buddy and I saw together.

Nonya Cendol

A must have when you are in Melaka! Nonya/Nyonya Cendol, a shaved ice and coconut milk dessert, served together with Gula Melaka Syrup, beans of some kind and the green noodle things (I don’t know what they are called). Something you will definitely need to cope with the unbearable heat of the afternoon sun in Melaka!

Poyatha Vinayagar Temple

Entrance to one of the oldest Hindu temples in Melaka (and probably the whole of Malaysia as well), the Poyatha Vinayagar Moorthi Temple. If you are familiar with South Indian Hindu Temple structures, you would immediately notice that this temple is very very different from those. The temple is simple, almost bare even, and looks more like a shrine. This is a unique temple that was built by the small Chitty Melaka community.

Melaka Street

Small but colourful street in Melaka.

Melaka Mosque

Another unique entity of Melaka; a mosque that has a dome that looks like a Chinese Pagoda.

Cafe in Melaka

Pretty little cafe that had a beautiful courtyard, and of course I had to sit there! This is the Daily Fix cafe, which you would probably miss even though it’s located on the main street of Jonker Walk. (hint: try looking inside one of the shops, and you will see the big sign somewhere at the back that says “THE DAILY FIX”).

Latte Art

Cafe Decor

Tuna Sandwich

A must visit in Jonker if you are the sort that loves cafe culture and coffee. I absolutely loved their Latte Art, and their quirky interior decor.

Cafe in Melaka 2

Cafe in Melaka 3

Aaand that pretty much concludes my trip and this blog post. kthnxbye.

Okay just kidding. There are other pictures but I am just lazy to upload them here, since they are already on instagram.

That being said, I should set an alarm on my phone that reminds me to update this space once a month at least. Hmm.



Time to eat

In my phone, I have many pictures of food, rather of myself, my family members or friends. Medically speaking, I could have a condition where I am obsessed with food.

Or maybe not. Maybe I just really love taking pictures of food, and I don’t see anything wrong with that!

Tom Yum Mussels

Tom yum mussels I made a while ago. Mussels are cheap, and can be made to taste like a billion bucks if you know what to do. Squeeze a whole lime, chop up two cloves of garlic, one chilli padi, some ginger and lemon grass, mix everything together and let it steam for about 15 minutes before turning everything out on a nice deep plate. That’s how I devoured them while watching a movie. Yup. Greedy.

Beef Laksa @ Kota Kinabalu

This was taken even waaaaay back, on my trip to Kota Kinabalu last year with Big G. I’ve only ever had the traditional laksa in my life, so when I came across this beef laksa in KK, I had to have it. It was unlike any laksa I had before; not very rich or creamy, but light, fragrant and had a hint of various spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. Also, look at how beautiful it is!


My friend Ama had a sudden pakora obsession, and it sort of rubbed off on me, so I spent some time perfecting my pakoras, and this was my best (and tasty) attempt.

Red Velvet Cake @ Stranger's Reunion Cafe

This was taken in August on National Day. I have nothing much to say except that it looks hipster as fuck.

Mee Goreng @ Al Azhar

My heart attack on a plate. There is a 24-hour mamak place not far from where I live, and one night after drinking with my cousin, we headed here for supper. Whenever I am there, there is only one thing I crave for and that is their most disgustingly sinful plate of greasy fried noodles, topped with an egg. Very bad for the arteries, but very good for the soul.

Red Ruby Dessert

One of my most favourite local desserts, ‘Red Ruby’ is actually chopped water chestnut coated with a layer of tapioca flour that has been dyed red, and then cooked until it looks translucent, almost ruby like. Put it in a bowl of coconut milk and it becomes a tasty dessert.

Onsen Tamago @ Sushi Tei

I am infamous for liking rich and sinful foods, but occasionally, I do like to settle for simple dishes, especially when the weather is cold and all you want is a bowl of simple noodles. Onsen tamago never fails to satisfy that craving. I hope to replicate this one day.

Waffle @ Mado

And lastly, I don’t ever feel guilty to indulge, and why should I? You should be able to eat whatever you fancy while you’re still young and in good health!

Happy 50th Birthday, Singapore.

So Singapore recently turned 50 years young, and we had an extended weekend (Friday to Monday!) to celebrate that moment. Public transport was free, so my cousin and I took advantage of it and went around, only to realize later that it was such a bad decision because everywhere was crowded!

However, the crowd situation was made better by this baby I had at Stranger’s Reunion Cafe somewhere in Outram.

Red Velvet @ Stranger's Reunion

It was pure coincidence that the cake was in the same colours of the National Flag.

Happy 50th Birthday Singapore.❤

Happy Father’s Day…


…to my mother, the strongest pillar of support in my life.

For all the sacrifices you’ve made for us.

For being a strict disciplinarian, but also showering us with love when we needed it.

For worrying about us, and ensuring that we were alright.

For standing up against society, for holding your head up high, and setting an invaluable example for us; that society cannot and will not dictate how we wish to live our lives.

For showing us that life’s problems and hurdles make us better and stronger people.

For never making me feel the absence of a father.

To you, Happy Father’s Day.